For Quality Powder Coating Services in Knoxville, Turn to Borotek Powder Coating

Don’t paint it – powder coat it. If you live in Knoxville, South Knoxville, Island Home, Coster Yards, Vestal, Park City, Marble City, Lincoln Park, Memphis, Chattanooga, Lonsdale, Kingsley Station, North Knoxville, Burlington, or anywhere surrounding, our pros are qualified to help you out.

Sure, wet-painting is one way to personalize and bring color to your metal projects and machinery. But we wouldn’t recommend this approach for a number of reasons. If you want results that will look exceptional and stand the test of time, powder coating is the way to go.

Why Go With Powder Over Paint?

Powder coating is a quicker process.

The results will look more sleek and streamlined.

Powder is more eco-friendly than paint.

You’ll end up with a finish that lasts for the long haul.

Your products will be less susceptible to scratches and chips.

In the end, wet coats of paint are not as thick, durable, or long-lasting as powder coats. If this is the direction you’d like to take for your future project, trust our team for the job. 

We serve homes and businesses on Parkdale Road, Texas Avenue, Western Avenue, College Street, Sanderson Road, Whittle Springs Road, Harvey Street, Chickamauga Avenue, Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, Delrose Drive, Buffat Mill Road, Beverly Road, Mill Road, Broadway Street, Jacksboro Pike, and more.

We Serve Both Residents & Business Owner

When it comes to our powder coating services, we’re happy to provide both residential and industrial/commercial services. And be sure to ask about our sandblasting services too.

Whatever you need, we’re confident we can help you out. Our credentials include:

Fully Licensed Business

Insurance Coverage

Tech pushing powder coated items into a storage area.

Ready to Get Started?

We always push ourselves to be better, striving to remain affordable, honest, and reliable. If you want to work with a team that will put your needs first, we’re it. If you live in Meades Quarry, West Knoxville, Plantation Hills, North Hills, Whites Village, Johnson Road, or anywhere else in the vicinity, reach out now!

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Our neighbors in Memphis are proud to be part of our service area, knowing they’ll get the best available powder coating services from BoroTek all  year long.