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If you’ve ever sanded down a piece of wood, you know how tedious and time-consuming the process can be. Well, sandblasting takes sanding to the next level, speeding things up significantly and leaving all of your metal projects with a smooth, nonabrasive finish.

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How Does Sandblasting Work?

Essentially, particles of sand are sprayed at a high speed and pressure right at your metal piece. Now, spraying an abrasive substance onto a surface in hopes of smoothing it out may seem counterproductive, but just trust us when we vouch for its effectiveness. The end results don’t lie.

How exactly does this work? Because the sand is so gritty and rough, it can easily grab onto any unwanted bumps and particles on the metal’s surface, successfully pulling them off and away. Once that uneven top layer is removed, you’re left with a smooth-textured surface that looks great and is much easier to work with.

Tech operating sandblasting machine with a window to view progress.  He is wearing a BoroTek 5-shirt.

The Upsides of Sandblasting

So, why go with sandblasting over other methods?

It also cleans surfaces. Along with smoothing out the object you’re working with, sandblasting also helps in removing other contaminants, along with rust, oil, old paint, and more.

It’s a quick process. As mentioned above, hand-sanding objects down can take some time. Sandblasting speeds up the process significantly.

It prepares for personalization. Once sandblasting is complete, projects like powder coating will be a breeze – and will provide much more attractive and seamless results.

Can I DIY Sandblasting?

We strongly advise against this.

Not only does this risk the job not being done correctly and accurately, but you could be exposed to life-threatening and toxic materials as well. There are many safety precautions that need to be followed in order to get a sandblasting job done appropriately. To avoid potential injury, disease, or exposure to toxins, always trust a professional for this type of job.

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