Residential Powder Coating

Looking to Have Your Belongings Personalized? Trust Us for Powder Coating

Powder coating offers a great way to customize items to your specific tastes and preferences. We offer over 6,500 colors, tones, and textures to explore, and you can trust our results will last. If you live in or near Murfreesboro or Nashville, make us your go-to team for it all.

What Items Can We Powder Coat?

What items can be powder coated with us?

Household appliances

Rims and vehicle parts

Farm equipment

Artwork and displays

Metal-based toys

Rugged terrain vehicles


Dirt bikes

...and more!

Basically… if it’s metal, we can powder coat it. We coat items up to 20-feet long, 8-feet tall, and 8-feet wide. And remember – we’re all about customization. Don’t hold back when telling us what you need!

Tech applying powder coating to various pieces of metal hanging from a rack.

Let Us Help With Your Next Project

We’d be happy to further discuss your full range of options, including colors, textures, finishes, and more. Call today at 615-624-2711 with any concerns, questions, or to request a quote. You can also reach out online, and we’ll be in touch. Thanks for choosing us.


Our powder coating expertise includes commercial and indusrial powder coating as well, so we’ve got all those bases covered.