Powder coating – that finishing process that makes the surface of your metal pieces, appliance, and more look seamless and better than ever. A quick summary? Electrostatically-charged powder particles are sprayed onto a surface, then heat-cured to create a finished, smooth look.

Ok, maybe it isn’t the easier process to understand… but that’s okay! All you really need to know that, once complete, your projects will have a hard, protective, and great-looking finish specified to your tastes and wishes. And we’re here to get the job done right.

But first… let’s answer some of your burning questions.

What’s the Powder Coating Process Like?

wheel rims hanging up that have been powder coated grayHere’s a quick overview of our process:

  • Prep the surface, ensuring everything is clean and appropriately laid out to get you the best results possible.
  • Apply the powder by spraying it evenly onto the surface of the object you need coated.
  • Allow the item to cure in an appropriate temperature range.
  • Allow the item to fully cool, so it can eventually be handled.

Do You Have to Sandblast Before Powder Coating?

You’ve probably noticed that we offer sandblasting in addition to our powder coating services. This is the process of spraying sand particles at a high speed onto a surface in order to clean it and smooth it out. (It sounds counterproductive, but trust us – it works.)

So, is sandblasting always necessary before powder coating? No, but you can generally expect much better results from the powder coating process if you prepare the surface with sandblasting first. Powder coating will always be more successful if the surface of the item is clean, smooth, and well-prepped before application.

Is It Okay to Powder Coat Over Paint?

Ah, we get it… you thought the painting route with be easier, cheaper, and look just as good, only to realize your mistake after the fact. No worries – it happens!

All that said, we don’t recommend powder coating directly over a painted surface. This can interfere with the coating’s ability to bond to the object, so we recommend only applying powder coatings directly to surface itself.

But good news! Our sandblasting services can take that old layer of paint right off.

Are There Materials That Can’t Be Powder Coated?

Yes – some materials aren’t good conductors of electricity, so they’d be a bit more tricky to powder coat. Glass and certain types of wood can pose an issue. Even some metals like titanium and bismuth aren’t electrically conductive, so powder coating will not adhere to their surfaces well. 

What About DIY Powder Coating?

a person in protective gear and goggles powder coating a metal objectSo, yes, powder coating is a better option than paint. …but it’s also harder to work with if you don’t have experience and proper safety training.

Which means, as far as DIY powder coating is concerned, we don’t recommend it.

The process involves chemicals, high-voltage electricity, and fine powder that can pose a health risk if you aren’t properly covered with personal protective equipment (PPE). The right tools can also fall on the more expensive end, so you’d likely save more money – and time and stress… – by bringing in a professional from the start.

Is Powder Coating Environmentally Friendly?

We get it. Spraying chemicals and whatnot can seem like it wouldn’t be the best for air quality and the environment, as a whole. In actuality, though, powder coating is considered better for the environment than traditional wet painting is! Why? Because it produces less VOCs (that’s volatile organic compounds), as well as produces less hazardous waste, overall.

So, if it’s your carbon footprint you’re concerned about, put those worries aside. We’ve got you covered.

Can Already Powder Coated Items Be Recoated?

Absolutely – we might just need to strip off the old coating beforehand. Again, our sandblasting services really come in handy here!

How Do I Care for Powder-Coated Surfaces?

Honestly, it’s pretty easy. Powder-coated objects hold up very well, and they’re not as prone to scratch or get ruined like paint would be. Just plan to keep surfaces clean with mild soap and water, and you should be all set!

Oh – and avoid abrasive cleaners or rough scrubbing pads.

Is Powder Coating More Expensive Than Painting?

When it comes to powder coating, oftentimes upfront costs will be a bit higher than if you were painting. It’s important to look at the long-term savings, though. Due to its heightened durability and lower maintenance qualities, it’s a lot cheaper to keep up – and you won’t need to re-coat anytime soon since it’s less prone to scratches and chips.

What Types of Finishes & Colors Are Available in Powder Coating?

metal springs painted like a rainbow next to a bunch of paint swatchesWhen you choose BoroTek for powder coating, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

We have more than 6,500 colors, tones, and textures of powder coating to choose from.

We have more than 6,500 colors, tones, and textures of powder coating to choose from. We can coat items up to 20 feet long, eight feet tall, and eight feet wide.

Who Can I Trust for Powder Coating Services in Nashville & Murfreesboro?

Easy question – Borotek Powder Coating.

We’re licensed, insured, and provide consistently great results – just check out our reviews, ask around, or take a look at some of our finished projects to see for yourself.

Ready to get started? We’d love to help. Call us at 615-624-2711 or reach out to us online today.