Nashville summers can be unrelenting, with humidity, high temps, and bright sunlight. These elements put finishes to the test, so you may wonder about the durability of powder coating under elevated temperatures and levels of sun. 

Generally speaking, powder coating is famous for its durability and aesthetic appeal. It’s a dry-finishing process – unlike traditional liquid paint which is applied in a wet form then dries – which means finely ground particles of pigment are applied electrostatically to form a decorative and strong layer. So it’s durable, yes – but can it withstand intense sunlight and scorching days typical of summer months?

The quick answer is yes – powder coating is resistant to high temperatures, which makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications (even in sunny climates).

Unlike traditional paint, which can soften or warp under extreme heat, powder coating undergoes a curing process that creates a tough, protective layer. This layer is designed to withstand temperature fluctuations with cracking, peeling or fading. Questions? Reach out today – we’re here for you.

Benefits of Powder Coating in Warm Climates

Yes, the summer sun, heat, and humidity can be punishing for many items. But powder coating remains an incredibly durable and versatile finishing option for a wide range of applications. Our pros treat each item like a work of art, taking pride in precision, workmanship, and the quality of our materials and process.

Simply put, we do what we do because we know that expertly applied powder coating provides outstanding results.

  • Sealing Against Humidity: Powder coating acts like a protective barrier against Tennessee’s humid summers. The durable, seamless layer it creates helps prevent moisture from reaching the underlying surface, reducing the risk of corrosion, rust, and other humidity-related degradation.
  • Superior Overall Protection: It’s durable, it’s long lasting, and it protects against abrasion and weathering. Powder coating is simply an excellent all-around protectant.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: You don’t have to limit yourself because you live in a climate that gets hot in the summer – powder coating can be done in a vast selection of colors and textures, providing a high level of customizability that isn’t constrained by what will hold up – it all will! Suffice it to say, if you want your items to weather the elements and look good doing it, you’ve likely just found your solution. Consult with our team to find out the extent of what’s possible!
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our price points are always fair and competitive. While the initial cost of powder coating may exceed a conventional painting method, its durability and longevity will result in lower maintenance and replacement costs over time.
original infographic stating tips on maintaining power coated items in sunny weather

Potential Negative Effects of Sunshine on Powder Coating

While powder coating is highly resilient, nothing is perfectly invulnerable to the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat. Over long periods of time, prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause pigments in powder coating to fade to an extent. The effect is more likely to occur on bright or vibrant colors, and doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the coating. 

In extreme cases, it’s possible that high temperatures could lead to some cracking in powder coating. This is more likely if the material beneath the coating (the substrate) experiences significant expansion and contraction due to rapid temperature changes. We emphasize proper surface preparation and application techniques to minimize risk of cracking – excellence is our standard – but it’s still possible that some cracking could occur in unusual cases if weather conditions are extreme.

It’s also important to remember that items exposed to direct sunlight for extended times may become hot to the touch. This doesn’t affect the coating – but you’ll want to exercise caution when handling heated surfaces.

Overall, however, the reason people choose powder coating is precisely because of the top-of-the-line protection it offers for the metal items you love and want to customize, protect, and maintain.

Sunny Season Powder Coating Maintenance Tips

Powder coated items are relatively low maintenance. Yet there are some steps you can take to help preserve longevity in sunny climes.

  • Perform regular cleanings to remove dirt, debris, and environmental contaminants to keep your powder coated articles looking at the top of their game.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals – these are counterproductive and can actually be damaging. Instead, simply use water and a mild soap, if necessary.
  • From time to time, inspect items for signs of damage or degradation and take appropriate measures to repair or maintain your items.
  • If you’re concerned about the effects of the climate, consider using an awning or other means to shield powder coated pieces from direct sunlight. These can be especially helpful during parts of the day that the sunshine is most intense and will help reduce UV exposure.

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