With the promise of a brand new year right around the corner, many homeowners and business owners alike are beginning to prepare for upcoming projects and laying the blueprint for how best to achieve intended goals. If you run a business and you’ve decided that 2024 is the year to upscale your organization and the products you sell, consider working with BoroTek to drastically improve the quality of even your largest metal-based items with industrial powder coating.

From various light fixtures to automobile parts, home appliances to extra large business signs, shelving and cabinetry to bicycles and sports equipment, here at BoroTek, we can powder coat just about anything. Don’t settle for a subpar paint job when you can get so much more with science-based powder coating that won’t chip, rust, or corrode. 

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Can BoroTek Powder Coat Large Items?

The good news for homeowners interested in powder coating large items near the greater Murfreesboro and Nashville, TN areas is that BoroTek has the equipment necessary to tackle even the biggest of jobs.

Thanks to our enormous 50-foot by 10-foot industrial oven, we have the capability of powder coating numerous large and cumbersome industrial pieces that many of our competitors do not.

More specifically, as long as your item is no more than 50 feet in length and within 10 feet in height and width, our team will have no problem applying the powder coat and curing it properly and safely. 

An oven that size opens a world of powder coating possibilities, don’t you think? Imagine what you could do with an oven spanning 50 feet long and 10 feet wide. (For reference, most semi truck’s trailers are approximately that same length!) 

original infographic showing how large the company's industrial powder coating oven is

What Does Powder Coating Do?

We know we’ve gone over it before, but it never hurts to discuss again – just what exactly is powder coating, and what are the benefits of deciding to move in this direction as opposed to something a bit more “traditional” like wet paint?

Well, simply put (at least, relatively speaking) powder coating is the process of spraying electrostatically-charged colored pigment particles onto a metal-based surface. And, unlike a wet paint job that has to wait often significant amounts of time to dry, powder coating utilizes an oven to heat-cure at a specific temperature before it’s fully cooled for safe handling.

Another plus to powder coating as a customizable alternative? After it’s been cured and cooled, items that have been powder coated are less likely to scratch, peel, or rust, meaning that they’ll continue to look good as new, even years down the line…especially when compared to their painted counterparts. And they don’t require significant upkeep or maintenance, either! Definitely what we would consider a win-win.

Is There a Size or Dimension Limit for Powder Coating Large Items?

Just like anything else, powder coating does have its limitations. First and foremost, simply due to the process itself, powder coating is not a universally applicable option. Certain materials, like glass and wood, are not great electrical conductors. This means that the powder particles just wouldn’t stick since the application method relies on that electrostatic relationship. However, when it comes to things like the size, weight, or dimension of items, the ability to powder coat them will rely more on the specific powder coating facility and the tools and equipment they have at their disposal.

While powder coating seems rather simple in discussion, in practice, there are a handful of different factors to consider that determine the feasibility of such a process for certain items, especially large ones. For instance: the overall size of the oven. No matter if you’re looking to powder coat something as small as a child’s bicycle or as large as a gate or a fence, the item must be able to fit inside the oven. If not, the curing process is quite challenging and will require a specialized solution – upping your total cost along with it.

Want To Learn More About Residential Powder Coating?

Even if you’re not a business owner that deals in metal-based wares, powder coating is an excellent way to add a touch of personality – and an increased durability – to numerous residential items, too. With over 6,500 colors, textures, tones, and finishes to choose from, your customization options are virtually limitless!

Ready to breathe new life into your perfectly-functional, but otherwise drab, old metal porch furniture? We’ll help you pick a powder coat that best suits your ideal vibe and style aesthetic. Looking to further customize your car in a way that blends form and function and is sure to hold up in a variety of weather conditions? We can help with that, too.

No matter where you are in your powder coating journey, trust the experts at BoroTek to lead you in the right direction. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we’re here for you every step of the way – from providing professional answers to all your questions to unmatched service and product application.

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