Over the past few years, powder coating has emerged as a higher quality option than applying wet paint – especially for metal surfaces. It not only creates a custom, vibrant color on items, but it also provides an added layer of protection and durability. It’s versatile enough to be used on industrial machinery and household items.

What exactly is powder coating?

It’s a decorative finishing process that uses electrostatic charges to apply pigmented fine powder to an object using a special spray gun. The object is then cured in an oven to form a protective coating on its surface. That may sound a little more complicated than painting, but trust us – it’s a better looking and more cost-effective solution when it’s done right.

With DIY powder coating kits readily available for curious homeowners, you may find yourself thinking about trying it out on your own. Before you attempt to try it at home, let’s look at and debunk some of the most repeated myths about DIY powder coating. Already know you’d rather hire us? Give us a call at 615-624-2711 or reach out online now.

Myth: DIY Powder Coating Will Save You Money

You’ve been scrolling through pages of powder coating kits online and you may have gotten the impression that buying one of those for a couple of hundred dollars is a better option than hiring a professional service.

Here’s the thing, though… Those kits only offer the basic tools needed for powder coating, which is why they’re affordable. To get the premium finish you’re after, it’ll take more than the spray gun, pints of powder, and manual that comes in standard kits.

For starters, curing ovens can be expensive and require a large space to safely operate. Beyond that, most kits only come stocked with one or two powders that aren’t even interesting colors. Unless you want your project in grayscale, you’re going to have to purchase additional powders to bring your creative vision to life.

infographic highlighting why powder coating is better than painting

Myth: It’s Safe to Powder Coat at Home

So, yes – powder coating is better for the environment because they don’t have the solvents that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like paint does. So, since it’s true that powder coating keeps the environment safer than painting, it must be true that doing it at home would invite even less risks than painting a wall, right?

Here’s the thing, though… Without the right safety training, you could still be risking your health. Powder coating breaks down powder into small particles that can irritate exposed skin. Those particles are released into the air and can get into your eyes or be inhaled. If you don’t take proper safety measures, you could develop serious health complications like dermatitis or lung issues. To keep yourself guarded, you’ll have to invest in personal protective equipment, including a respirator, gloves, and safety goggles at a minimum.

Remember those curing ovens mentioned above? They’re also a safety hazard. Because they can reach high temperatures, you can’t use them in a small space because it can lead to a fire. There should also be a reliable temperature monitoring system in place to ensure that the oven operates within the specified temperature range, so that you can shut it down when it gets too hot.

Myth: DIY Powder Coating Is Simple for Beginners

Many think that since powder coating looks a lot like spray painting, there must not be a ton of skill required to get the job done.

a person in protective gear (mask, gloves, etc.) spraying powder coating materialsHere’s the thing, though… It’s not something you can learn on the fly from a manual. It takes years of practice and gaining knowledge of the equipment and materials to get results that are on par with professional work. In fact, a significant portion of powder coating professionals have specialized training and go through certification programs.

Then there’s the issue of preparation space. Unlike spray painting, you need room to work when powder coating. Not to mention, most items need to be sandblasted before they can be powder coated for best results – and that’s not your typical backyard activity. Most first-timers don’t have a large factory or another sizable area to safely sandblast.

Finally, you have to know what to do with the waste. Most powder coating materials can be disposed of with regular garbage, but do you know which ones need to be handled with special care? Do you know if your town has certain regulations about waste disposal? Instead of worrying about all of that, hire a professional to deal with the hassle, so you don’t have to.

Trust the Powder Coating Experts at BoroTek

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