Are you a DIY enthusiast with a few too many half-done projects waiting to be painted? Are you tired of painting things, only for them to become chipped or faded before you even finish the second coat? Maybe you own a business, and your fleet of vehicles are aging worse than a banana left in a car on a hot day.

You might be thinking it’s time to grab a new can of paint, and get to work…but wait! There’s a better way that doesn’t involve endless coats, fumes, and touch-ups every season – powder coating. Get ready for projects that last, colors that pop, and a whole lot less frustration.

Let Borotek Powdercoating help transform your next project with the power of powder coating. Call or reach out online now to get started.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of finishing that involves applying a dry, free-flowing powder to a designated object. This powder is made of finely ground polymer resins, pigments, and other additives. Once applied, the object is then cured under heat, or with ultraviolet light, which causes the powder to melt and form a thin, hard film. 

Our 50-foot oven doesn’t limit us, so the potential applications for powder coating are truly endless. Furniture, bike frames, children’s playground equipment, appliances, sculptures, car rims and engine parts, and heavy-duty machinery components are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the versatility of powder coating.

Why Choose Powder Coating Over Traditional Paint?

original infographics highlighting the benefits of powder coating over paint

Whether it’s commercial powder coating, industrial powder coating, or residential powder coating you’re needing, paint will always be the inferior application type. Here’s why you should choose powder coating over traditional paint, no matter what your project is:

  • Unmatched Durability: Imagine furniture that doesn’t suffer from scuffs and scratches, bike frames that can weather just about any storm, and appliances that shine year after year. Powder coating provides a tough finish that outlasts any paint, saving you time, money, and frustration.
  • Vibrant Colors & Textures: With over 6,500 colors, tones, and textures, you can unleash the beast of creativity that traditional paint simply can’t match. From sleek, eye-catching metallics to bold solids, each one of your projects can be truly one of a kind.
  • Faster Turnaround: One of the most irritating things about paint is either that it requires multiple coats or that it takes hours, if not days, to dry before handling. Powder coating delivers a flawless finish with a single-coat application that, thanks to heat, takes only minutes to dry.
  • Eco-Friendly: Traditional paints often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can harm your health and the environment. Powder coating, on the other hand, is VOC-free, ensuring a safer work environment and minimal air pollution. And did you also know that a significant amount of paint ends up wasted during application and disposal? Any leftover powder is actually recycled and reused, making it a sustainable choice for the environment. 
  • Resistance to Heat & Chemicals: Powder coating can withstand temperatures ranging from 200°F to 1000°F, which is significantly higher than paint’s typical limit of 400°F. This makes powder coating the ideal application for things like engine parts, grills, fire pits, and other outdoor furniture that is exposed to intense sunlight. You might even be surprised to discover that powder coating resists a wide range of chemicals, including acids, solvents, fuels, oils, salts, de-icing agents, and even graffiti and vandalism! 

Unleash the Potential: Contact Borotek For All of Your Powder Coating Needs

Are you tired of turning to traditional paint for all of your projects only to be less than thrilled with how quickly it fades or chips? Then, look no further than Borotek Powder Coating – your one-stop shop for transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary finishes. Our team delivers unmatched durability, vibrant colors, and an eco-friendly touch that will exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a business owner, or simply someone who wants long-lasting beauty and performance (don’t we all?), Borotek Powdercoating is here for you. Contact us today at 615-624-2711 or request a quote on our website, and see how we can elevate your next project with the power of powder coating.

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