In recent years, we’ve learned a lot about the effect we have on the world around us – and have become more environmentally conscious as a result. Now, more than ever, we have a better understanding of the long-term consequences of the products we use, the foods we consume, and the ways we travel. That’s left both homeowners and business owners searching for ways to get through day-to-day tasks without leaving a negative footprint that will burden future generations.

Now, you may not think of wet paint as a potential danger to the environment, but it is. It contains harmful toxins and generates tons of waste. Some ingredients of paint, such as resins and binders, are made from natural resources like trees. What seems like a simple painting job at first glance is actually contributing to deforestation and habitat loss for wildlife. Before you give up your next project, consider powder coating as an eco-friendly option.

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How Is Powder Coating Different From Painting?

Powder coating and painting are intended to achieve the same result – altering the appearance and color of a surface – but they’re very different methods. Traditional painting involves the use of liquid paint and is applied with brushes, rollers, or spray guns. You need to apply multiple coats of paint for the best results and may need to do touch-ups in the future to correct chipping and cracking. 

Powder coating is a little more high-tech. Dry, pigmented, electrostatically-charged powder particles are sprayed onto a surface, and then the coated object is cured in an oven. The outcome is a vibrant product that is protected by a durable finish. Once it’s dry, your powder coated item will be less prone to rust, chipping, and scratches. 

Why Is Powder Coating Better for the Environment?

Powder coating has long been considered a better option for the environment than wet paint and for good reason. It doesn’t produce as many harmful chemicals and it’s easier to dispose of safely. If you’re an eco-conscious homeowner or business owner consider powder coating for the reasons below: 

Lower VOC emissions. Have you ever painted a room and got overwhelmed by the fumes? Maybe you needed to open a window because you felt dizzy? Many paints require solvents to stay in liquid form. Those solvents contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – chemicals that can evaporate into the air and contribute to poor air quality. 

It produces less waste. When you paint, leftover spray and wet paint create waste that needs to be disposed of properly. Discarded paint products like paint cans tend to be mishandled and toxic paint chemicals can contaminate nearby soil and water. On the other hand, any excess powder can be saved and used during a future powder coating session.

original infographic on why powder coating is better for the environment

It’s energy-efficient. From manufacturing to drying, painting drains a lot more from natural resources than powder coating. The curing process for powder coating typically takes less energy than the drying process for wet paint. This can lead to lower energy consumption that doesn’t place as much pressure on the environment.

No harmful additives. In the past, some paints have used lead, mercury, and other materials that have been deemed dangerous to get a specific hue or pigment. Although lead-based paint has been outlawed for residential and commercial use in the United States since the late 1970s, it may still be present in older homes and buildings constructed before the ban. 

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